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The silicone sex doll is a brand new realistic adult sex doll made of advanced silicone material. They are the quality premium dolls, they are non-porous and long-lasting with their beautiful body. Known for their realism, softness and increased durability, silicone sex dolls last the longest. Due to their non-porous, stretchy properties, they are resistant to markings and stains and can be stretched 4 to 5 times their actual size without affecting the original shape.

The Sex doll realistic faces and attractive body shapes will never change. It guarantees a very realistic and authentic look, and it is also a very natural feeling when making love. All silicone love dolls are carefully manufactured. And these silicone sexy dolls are more expensive because they are the most advanced adult sex toys in the current sex doll market, and they have an absolute advantage in terms of body shape, skin touch and sex experience. Touching them will feel like touching a real, sexy woman, warm and silky smooth!