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Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is the most popular material used to make sex dolls and toys. Their properties like flexibility and smoothness allow manufacturers to create the best and the most realistic sex dolls. Since attention to details is very important to give you the ultimate pressure in bed, TPE is the most preferred material to detail parts like mouth, nose, and vagina.

The high end TPE fuck dolls gives a more realistic sex experience, which can store heat in the body, has better UV resistance, oil-resistant lubricant and is more resistant to cleaning. They are very close to the human skin and will stimulate your sexual pleasure. TPE sex dolls also known to be easy to bend and stretch, giving you the perfect companion that you can play with, exploit, and penetrate. They are easy to clean, are resistant to markings and semen, last for years or even decades, and dries quickly so that it can be used within hours apart.