Standing vs Regular feet

A sex doll is comprised of an outer flesh-like material, such as TPE or silicone, which surrounds an internal heavy metallic skeleton. The skeleton is critical as is allows for realistic movement and posing of the doll.

As realistic sex dolls are adult-sized and made of dense materials, like the internal metal frame, they can be considerably heavy. Lightweight, advanced sex dolls can weight under 60 lbs., but the majority of sex dolls are in 60-90 lb. range. Some sex dolls can weight over 100 lbs.

When this weight is applied and concentrated on the bottom of the doll’s feet when it is in the standing position, the metal frame is pushed down and the weight of the doll becomes concentrated over the heels and soles of the feet. This downward force would easily penetrate through the 0.5-1.0″ of flesh on the bottom of the feet if the doll were to be stood up on its own, even once.

For this reason, if you are considering standing your doll, even if briefly, and even with shoes, the “standing feet” option is highly recommended and is the only sure way to avoid damaging the bottoms of the doll’s feet when it is standing. These bolts can be removed at any time once installed and re-inserted when it is time to stand the doll; or, they can be permanently left in place. They can also be adjusted in height by tightening or loosening the bolts.

Standing foot option is by far the most popular foot option with our sex dolls, as you may have guessed, the standing foot option enables the doll to stand upright.

With the standing feet option, there are three (very small) metal bolt heads that protrude slightly from the bottom of the foot. In our opinion, this small visual sacrifice is worth it, you can stand your doll for long periods of time for photography, intimacy or storage. However, we recommend not leaving your doll free-standing whilst unsupervised as he/she may fall and become damaged (unless correctly supported).

Standing feet are great for:
Storing your doll upright in the house.
Assisting with dressing your doll.
Assisting with cleaning your doll.
Assisting with moving from one place to another.
And actually standing. (in flat shoes)
People with a shoe fetish who want their doll to stand in shoes. (*always use support when in heels*)
Having sex whilst standing

Not great for:
People with a foot fetish (bolts are visible on the bottom of feet)
Foot Flexibility (cannot move upward or side to side – only down)

Use Standing Function Correctly
Even if there is a standing function, the doll may not be able to stand stably. The three screws at the bottom just play a supporting role, which is not particularly stable, because the doll is not like a real person, who have cerebellum to maintain the balance of the body, so you still need to find a wall or rely on things to make she stand steadily.

When you choose the standing function, don’t wear stockings for the doll, because the screws may damage the stockings. High heel shoes can be worn on the foot but only flat shoes are recommended for standing. If heels are used we recommend leaning the doll on a support. In addition, when you wear shoes for the doll, wear a few more socks or use harder insoles so that the shoes are not easily damaged.

Of course, there is another way. You can put leather insoles on the feet of the doll first, and then put on stockings.