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What are some unique characteristics of japanese love dolls?

In Japan, sex dolls are known as "dutch wives", which now refers to relatively inexpensive dolls. Today, Japanese love dolls are already popular around the world.

You may be drawn to their exquisite beauty of geishas or Japanese women or Japanese girls if you have an interest in Japanese sex dolls. Often, they are petite with Japanese features. Little less busty compared to their Western counterparts. It goes back to Japanese geisha or Asian women's stereotypical beauty. The kind of illusion that a doll's owner wants to meet.

Japanese love dolls ideals favor small features and narrow faces. Big eyes are admired, especially when they have "double eyelids". And Japanese women are known for obedience, so our lifelike sex dolls definitely match this.

Why Japanese love dolls are so popular?

People love exotic. There's something so fascinating about different characteristics and traditions that aren't ours. When it comes to life-size sex dolls, this is also particularly true.

Japanese women have a unique temperament, a sexy, sensual, charming woman makes almost all men irresistible, and these are the advantages of Japanese sex dolls. All the Japanese-style love dolls in our store are made with real Japanese women, Japanese silicone lifelike sex dolls, tpe love dolls, asia sex doll, the Japanese women's charm, cuteness, and virtuousness are all vividly reflected.