At the moment, it’s hard to imagine a robot having an elaborate discussion. For some scientists, it’s even unlikely. Today is true, but by 2050, it may change.

Artificial intelligence needs time to solve a number of problems. The first is the art of discussion, it will take time before being able to have an elaborate conversation. Speech recognition is another pitfall, what the person says, the words she uses. At the moment, there are many speech recognition software programs that include most of the words you say. Everyone has a very particular way of speaking and artificial intelligence is not yet able to recognize all the pronunciations. It will take several decades. That’s why marriages with robots would not start until 2050. Robots will be convincing because they will be able to understand everything you say, they can chat.


Sexual robots are sometimes mentioned to solve the problem of prostitution.

How are they different from sex toys?
First, because they look human. We are not on the same level, they are much more advanced than sex toys. They are not going to solve the prostitution problem. In Africa and in poor countries, it is difficult to predict, but in the Western world, they will be able to give another answer. They are safe from sexually transmitted diseases and, over time, their price will be more affordable.


If we fall in love and look like a person, can we consider that to sleep with a robot is to deceive? I am often asked the question. I do not think we’re fooling someone with a robot. Look at the number of women who use a vibrator. Do you think it’s fooling?

But if we fall in love, we can not compare it to a vibrator anymore? It is true. It becomes a personal decision. Some may feel deceived, others may not. This is a real distinction: sleep with feeling and sleep without feeling with a robot. These are two different situations.

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