Find Sex Doll Buyers Guide 2021 Step by Step


Are you feeling dizzy about how to choose these beautiful adult sex dolls on the internet? Congratulations, you are very lucky, this is the most complete real doll buyers guide in 2021. I will help you choose your most satisfied dolls step by step.

Step 1. What’s your budget?
If your budget is enough, that’s great, because most lifelike sex dolls are expensive than normal. Made from high qualisty TPE or silicone material, both of them looks very realistic. They are actually as big as real people. Especially in these details of vagina, anus and mouth. If your budget is less, we recommend you buy the cheap sex dolls, this type of sex doll’s weight will be lighter than expensive one. They may not look very realistic, but they are particularly soft to the touch.


Step 2. Which style fucking a sex doll do you like?
I can be proud to say that we have many kinds of real sex dolls. Whether it is TPE doll, silicone sex doll, blonde sex doll, Japanese sex doll, or high end sex doll, we all have.

TPE sex doll–They are a kind of doll made from high qualisty TPE materials. Because with the development of technology, TPE dolls will become the mainstream of real dolls.

Silicone sex doll–Dolls made from silicone are ultra realistic, they are generally very durable. But also the most expensive, and it is a paradise for many luxury lovers.

Step 3. Choose a reliable sex doll store
GFlovedoll – the best sex doll store, here are some reason to analysis.

In addition, we also taught our users how to avoid sex doll scams. After you have chosen your most satisfying sex doll shop, you can start buying sex dolls.


Step 4. Custom your love doll
1.Find your favorite doll, click “Buy Now” as following.

Choose your favorite doll, according to the various options you want to customize, such as skin color, eye color, vagina, feet, pubic hair, shoulder and so on, and then click the “Add to Cart” button.

2.Conform your sex doll order
Confirm your order information, including the doll’s height, skin color, standing options, price, etc. If you confirm it, you can click Continue to proceed to the next step.

3.Check your payment method and full fill your information
Full fill your card number, email address etc. After you checked all your information and conformed your order, we will produce doll for you immediately.

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