By 2050, not only will individuals fall in love with android robot sex dolls, but marriages between man and machine will be celebrated. Fiction could become reality. The expert in artificial intelligence (AI) comes back to this sexual relationship and / or love between the man and the robot.


What will a sexual robot look like in 2050?
He will look a lot like a human. Japan’s scientist, is already developing classic robots that look the same as humans. He is famous for his humanoid robots and, according to him, if you find yourself in a room with one of his androids, for the first 10 or 20 seconds, you may think you are in the presence of a human. And, with the development of robots, you will take more and more time to understand that you are facing a machine. I think that by 2050, robots will be very close to human.

How did you guess that the sex doll would be first on the spot?
Supposed the company that successfully produced life-sized sex dolls, made hundreds of them a year, and grew steadily in business. I thought she was best placed to enter the sex robot market and at that time technology was already there. It made sense.


Some people who have bought an inflatable sex doll develop a strong attachment, love is proven, where some explained being in love. They treated their real sex dolls the same way they would have done with a companion. If they fall in love with an inanimate object, one can imagine that it would be even more true with an animated product. More and more people should develop feelings as artificial intelligence progresses.

By 2050, it will be possible to have discussions with robots, it will help to create a relationship between the man and the robot. The idea was unusual at the time, but if you look at trends in the academic world over the past decade, more and more articles are interested in the subject. And that’s just the beginning.


However, the robot does not contradict. In the future, with artificial intelligence, the robots sex dolls will react as you want. If you want a partner with whom you argue a lot, there will be a setting to make it more offensive. Other parameters will affect the personality, the conversation, the topics … When we observe the love that some masters bring to their pets, we easily see how we could fall in love with a robot.

In some survey, Older women were asked if they preferred to see their pets or their husbands die first. Most answered their husbands. If the love for animals can be strong, considering that they do not speak, then the attachment to something that looks like a human and acts like a human will be even stronger.

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