How Do Sex Dolls Solve the Sex Crisis?

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As all we know, Japan is a big country of pornography, but in such a country where the porn industry is developed complete, this country has a crisis of sexual life. This sounds incredible. What is the reason?

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It is reported that Japanese men are overworked, and they don’t want sex when they are tired, and they feel that women are terrible. The prefer having sex with a sex doll become more and more popular.

In fact, in the eyes of many people, Japan is a country dominated by pornography, but what is unexpected is the crisis of sexual life in Japan. In many Japanese families, there is no sexual marriage, and the birth rate is reduced. The aging of the country and the population crisis have really shattered the Japanese government.

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The 6 reason they don’t like to sex with their wives

The reasons for asexual marriage include:

  1. male work stress;
  2. often tired;
  3. “being powerless” for couples’ lives;
  4. less communication between husband and wife, making family life boring and boring, affecting feelings;
  5. many middle-aged Couples feel that they have only family and no sexual love;
  6. the sex industry is developed, and even if there are problems in their sexual life, people can solve their physiological needs through other means, which leads many couples not to actively face and solve asexual marriage.
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When the sex life of the couple is not harmonious, choose the sex doll to replace wife as a sexual partner. On the one hand, the husband maintains loyalty to his wife. On the other hand, his wife can better understand the preference of her husband in sexual life. Let the couple’s sexual life be more healthy and comfortable.

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