Know More About The Sex Dolls History


Where the sex doll came from? As sex doll became normal in recent years, you may wonder about where they came from? Here we will help you more about the sex dolls.

1700s – Dutch Sailors invented sex dolls during travel, made dolls with old clothes. Dutch sold some sex dolls to the Japanese. For that reason, Japanese also call sex dolls as Dutch wives , the term is still being used these days.


1930s – The first kind of sex dolls manufacturing started by Nazi Germany during World War 2.

1950 – First life-size sex doll was produced in Japan. Dolls were made by textile, vinyl, or silicone. Silicone was considered a super high-end material and was very rare.

1992 – The sex dolls’ appearances had been significantly improved. Two huge brands grew, one in the US – RealDoll and one in Japan – OrienDoll. Both of them produce silicone dolls, mostly cater to their respective local markets.

2000 – 2008 – The birth of web made online dolls shopping much easier, the demand from Canada, Europe, Australia and NZ grew when they can purchase dolls from the US and Japan.

2010 – The first Chinese silicone doll brand born – DS Doll. They gain a huge success in a short time, thanks to the joint venture by Japanese.


2005 -2013 – A few brands came up in Europe, mostly Germany and France. All of them, including the brands in the US and Japan are very high-end. One doll is selling over USD8,000.

2014 – A huge number of middle-class born in China. The first generation of One Child policy aged over 20 y.o. in average, they face a problem – gender inequality. Males are way more than females because of the traditional Asian perception – families want a boy rather than a girl. They are unable to find a life partner, create a huge demand for sex dolls.

2014 – Here is the demand, here is the supply. The number of Chinese manufacturers grew, especially when they possessed strong skills in manufacturing. WM Dolls, the pioneer started adopting TPE to produce dolls, significantly cut down the price and dolls are more lifelike than ever.


2015 – WM dolls gain huge success, the industry attracted many other Chinese manufacturers, including 6Ye Premium Doll and Z-One doll. The growth of Chinese manufacturers is telling a story – the demand is there but the pricing before was way beyond many affordability. The demand for European sex doll manufacturers shrank and many closed down.

2016 – Sexbot is a new term. RealDoll is inventing to integrate Artificial Intelligence to their dolls. But the technique is still very new and the price is over $10,000.

Sooner or later, we can see sexbot is a new thing, the price will go down, the result will be more mature.

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