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How to clean built-in vagina of sex doll?

Piper Best Silicone Sex Doll For Men 150cm 4ft11 J Cup - Clara

You can fit the vaginal barrel tubes inside the dolls to form complete vagina and enjoy the sexual pleasure with different sizes. And also sex dolls with built-in vagina would be harder to clean. Inserting the vagina into a real doll requires technique. You may run a risk of damaging the realistic sex dolls. So […]

Choose Vagina For Real Sex Doll


You may not know, there are two choices for the vagina of a real sex doll. One is insert removable vagina, the other is built-in vagina, do you know the difference between the two vagina? In general, there are two types of vaginal for sex dolls: insert removable and built-in vagina(also called integrated vagina). Real […]