Here we give you some tips to deal with your sex dolls which is life like your girl friend.

How do you deal with a lifelike sex doll? Should she be treated like a raw egg or have sex and fun with her until the doctor comes? This question is not so easy to answer, but basically there will be no lasting fun with love dolls without compromise on different levels.

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First of all, the potential lover of real sex dolls should realize that a love doll is not a human being. That sounds trivial at first glance, but when I think of our experiences and we’ve exchanged, many doll lovers have often overestimated the material of their sex dolls and somehow subconsciously thought that they were the same as is customary among humans.

In fact there is a difference and this is both general in nature and dependent on the material. The skin of a realistic sex doll does not heal on its own, it has elastic limits. Movement elements, sex openings and attached body parts are another topic and they all make it clear that this is a different way of dealing. Thank God there are a lot of tips and tricks on this website and also many testimonials, which show where the limits of the individual love doll lie. But now many doll lovers inform themselves before ordering or while waiting extensively on the material of their tpe sex doll and that’s a good thing.

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Sex and the openings of the love dolls
As we all know, sex dolls have three ways of sexual intercourse, oral, anal and vagina. If there are slight cracks in the mouth and anal passages, it can be easily worn. All of these are part of a love doll, you have to know for yourself that if you want to do this, then you can take some measures to avoid damage, such as practicing some exercise or using lubricants, powders and other gentle remedies.

The biggest panic has all lovers of lifelike sex dolls especially from cracks in the sex-openings. These are not always visible and if you rinse the love doll after sex with water, water can penetrate into the interior of the real sex dolls and form mold, which means the death of the tpe sex doll.

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Therefore many use condoms during sex for hygienic reasons, which may confuse others, because you can produce no children with the love doll and STDs play no role, if you use the realistic sex doll only itself. But the fear of such cracks in the genital area is great, even if you can mitigate them with removable inserts.

By the way, we almost never take water for cleaning. We work with enough disinfectant, hard toilet paper and tampons. This has worked well for us, but it’s just our way of dealing with each other, the other doll lovers may handle differently.

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In the end, it is up to each one how to deals with tpe sex doll. But a more cautious and adapted to the peculiarities of the dolls approach is more useful and increases their life and enjoyment. So do not be too wild and get well informed about how to deal with this kind of love and sexuality.

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